Lean UX, Rapid Front-end Design

A collaborative platform for prototyping and building visual front-ends with little or no hand-coding

RapidMoon slashes designer-developer iterations, creates a Lean UX process.

Designers can produce html prototypes without any coding, developers will slash hours and days from the effort needed to create enterprise Web apps.

What is RapidMoon?

A Web-based platform with ready-made components you can drag/drop to create Responsive Front-ends.

Who is it for?

Designers who don’t code, Developers who’d rather not design and, indeed, any UI/UX expert.

Why you'll love it

Feels like a design tool but produces clean, professional html, saves time & helps teams collaberate better.


Drag-drop simplicity to create Responsive Web Designs so essential for enterprise apps.


A Cloud-based platform with nothing to download, no installation and no licences to buy. Sign-up, login and start building. Access your projects from anywhere you are.

Angular JS-powered

RapidMoon is built on AngularJS, a state-of-the-art technology and makes us the most poweful, future-proof Responsive Design platform in the industry.

Really easy to use !

The simple interface of a design tool combined with enterprise-class functions including Collaboration, Integration with Cloud Storage. Create complex Forms with just a drag-drop. Responsive Design out-of-the-box!

No Hand Coding Required

As you drag and drop elements onto your canvas, RapidMoon automatically generates clean, production quality html that Designers and Developes can share or export.

Mobile and eCommerce Ready

With most browsing and ecommerce happening on Smartphones and tablets, RapidMoon’s out-of-the-box mobile readiness means you are a step ahead even when clients do not specify a responsive design.

Advanced Features

Advanced JavaScript controls are prebuilt into RapidMoon as are the ability to integrate seamlessely with Enterprise or Cloud storage, with LESS Support, the ability to add your own content, media, images and more…

Our Private Beta Clients

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