About Us

Time for Change

If you are a designer who hates coding, or a developer who would rather stick to HTML, you’ve come to the right place! RapidMoon makes building front-end interfaces painless.

As a young start-up based in the UK, we took a good look at the Twitter Bootstrap developer and designer landscape and decided it was time for a change. Bootstrap is quickly becoming the standard for small teams to create Responsive Web Apps but the tools available to rapidly build powerful front-end interfaces are far from adequate. With a team comprised of pioneers in IT, Web Technology and Communications, RapidMoon has set a goal to become the Gold Standard of Responsive, Mobile-ready Web app.

So what is it?

Although we are not a web design platform, you will find many irksome tasks like Form Builders, Collaboration and finding the right photos and illustrations a breeze in RapidMoon. You can use our simple Drag’n’Drop interface to swiftly create picture-perfect front-ends (and tell your clients you lovingly hand-coded it, if you like!)

As you would expect, we are entirely web-based – there is no licence or software to install. Use all the modern tools you’d expect without switching back and forth between browser and text editor. Just log-in and build!

Check us out and follow us on Twitter, Linked-in and Facebook. And if RapidMoon sounds like something you have an opinion on, we’d love to hear from you.

Who can use RapidMoon

Well, anyone, really! But especially Designers who want to stay away from code; and Developers who’d rather stick to HTML.

The company

RapidMoon is a trading name and one of several complementary Web technology start-ups owned by Nask Ventures Associates Ltd., a company registered in the United Kingdom. Nask Ventures is a privately-funded and backed company that invests in and manages media and technology start-ups. We have offices in London, Tel Aviv and San Jose.